The Adventures of an IT Leader


In this Assignment, you will analyze the role of the chief information officer (CIO) in adapting to market innovations, revising policies and processes, and leading change management initiatives. These are skills that any type of manager must possess in order to be successful.


Assignment Learning Materials

TEXTBOOK: The Adventures of an IT Leader


Chapter 13, “Emerging Technologyâ€

Chapter 14, “Vendor Partnering†I


These chapters from the assigned textbook explore issues of change management and outsourcing, both of which are essential for managers to understand and use in today’s business environment.

Austin, R. D., Nolan, R. L., & O’Donnell, S. (2016).



Review the Learning Materials above. Perform additional research as necessary to complete the Assignment.

Select two of the following questions from the list below




  • How can Barton break the vicious cycle of always being reactive?
  • What are your responses to Bernie Ruben’s three questions in taking action on the blog issue at IVK:
    • What, if anything should the company do about this blog entry?
    • What should be the company’s general policy about blogging based on inside information from within the company?
    • What should be the process for spotting emerging technologies and analyzing them to see how they might be relevant to the company, for better or worse?
  • Do you think the younger generation carries out work differently than previous generations?
  • How much time and effort should an IT department devote to scanning for and analyzing emerging technologies?


  • How should IVK decide between vendors? Recommend a process they could follow.
  • How should the vendor contract be structured? Make a recommendation.
  • Which service delivery model would work best for IVK? Recommend and justify.


Submit a fully developed, 600 word solution for each of the questions selected (1,200 words total) before the deadline. Support your work with citations from the assigned readings or research from current trade or scholarly literature.



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